Love the Remodel and the Food

By curiouswanderlust April 7, 2016

La Fonda recently updated many things in their hotel, and did a fantastic job. It's difficult with a place so rich in history to bring it into modern times, while still maintaining such a loved culture. I honestly think what they've done has only improved the hotel tremendously. The new bar is beautiful. Not as dark and dungeon-like as it was before. The new U-shaped bar is one of my favorite additions, a real blast from the past from the original lounge which also featured a U-shaped bar. The new seating is one of the few "trendy" things they've added. If you're a local to Santa Fe, you'd know there's not much nightlife for the 20-30 somethings- I feel like those changes make it much more inviting to a younger crowd. Very smart, as it opens the bar up to a larger audience. You can see how the remodel has affected the employees as well. Everyone is all smiles, even more friendly than they were before. And the food is STILL delicious, which isn't surprising (c'mon, what do you expect from La Fonda?) Those in charge at La Fonda have truly done a fine job, and should be even more proud that they've kept- and even improved upon- the charm that has kept people coming back for years. BRAVO.

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