Find Puppy Love at La Fonda

La Fonda on the Plaza is committed to being among the best pet friendly hotels Santa Fe offers, providing safe and comfortable accommodations for discriminating dogs and their humans. Dogs 45 pounds and under are invited to accompany their humans to La Fonda on the Plaza for an additional fee of $50 per night, maximum two dogs. 20% of the pet fee is donated to the Espanola Valley Animal Shelter. We are proud to count ourselves among Santa Fe pet friendly hotels, but we do require that pets adhere to the policy below:

  • Your humans do not abandon you in an empty room while they explore Santa Fe. We can recommend doggie-camp options as an alternative.
  • Your humans must to take you to an appropriate outdoor location to complete your regular business as often as necessary. Your human must also clean up after you.
  • Your human does not cause you to howl, bark, whimper or whine. Excessive noise may result in an additional charge.
  • Your human remains leashed to you while crossing public areas of the hotel and will not to drag you to the restaurant, pool, or spa. You know you are not not allowed there, we know you wouldn't have gone unless coerced.
  • Your human pays for any damage s/he causes you to inflict in the room or on the property, just like s/he would do in your own home.
  • Your human books a room in one of our many guest friendly accommodations with the understanding that The Terrace Inn at La Fonda restricts access at this time.

La Fonda on the Plaza welcomes you to enjoy our Santa Fe hotel with your human. Be sure to give us a wag if you'd like a special treat at check-in!