Wellness Services

La Fonda Spa Services

Experience the luxury of La Fonda on the Plaza through enticing massage and body treatments offered at the hotel. A peaceful location away from the excitement of the Plaza has placed La Fonda as an ideal location for relaxation, providing guests with the key to pure tranquility. Our experienced technicians have created exceptional massage & body therapies that provide an express pass to relaxation, combining an array of  treatments to create the most soothing experience. Browse our list of massage therapies below and call our concierge at 505-995-2333 or extension 4200 within the hotel, or email concierge@lafondasantafe.com to begin your journey to a peaceful state.  If you use email, you will receive a confirmation if the requested times are available.   

Download the spa brochure here

Massage Therapies

La Fonda Restorative Massage 

A restorative experience customized to your personal needs. This massage focuses on improving blood flow to the skin and muscle, removing muscle tension and generalized relaxation. Your personalized therapeutic massage will concentrate on helping to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce overall stress. 

  • 40 Min $95. | 50 Min $115. | 80 Min $135. 
  • Add aromatherapy $10. 

Couples Massage 

This tandem restorative treatment is performed on two people by two massage therapists, working simultaneously and in the same room to relax and relieve stress. Enjoy this experience with your spouse, significant other, good friend or relative. 

  • 55 Min $280. | 80 Min $330. 

La Fonda Deep Tissue Massage 

This massage works at a deeper level to target tight muscles and tension. Slow friction and deep finger pressure works against the grain of the muscle and helps to renew and revitalize the muscle tissue. 

  • 55 Min $130. 

Grounding Hot Stone Massage

Our stone massage uses smooth, heated stones that represent the chakras and is designed to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. The combination of the warmth of the stones with massage helps to release tension as the smooth stones move over the muscle and bring the body into greater harmony and attunement. 

  • 80 Min $160. 

Neck & Shoulder Massage 

A targeted stress relieving treatment focused on the upper back and neck. Effective on its own or a perfect addition to any of our other services. 

  • 25 minutes $75. (fully clothed) 

Ayurvedic Massage 

Soothing, rhythmic strokes using an ancient Ayurvedic oil therapy for healing and detoxifying. Lymphatic stimulation releases the toxic accumulation through a variety of Ayurvedic techniques to balance the nervous system. Warm aromatic oil will compliment your dosha body type. 

  • 55 Min $140

Spa Rituals

Wind & Stone 

Indulge yourself in an aromatic full body polish followed by a warm stone massage. This gentle, yet stimulating full body treatment removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin velvety smooth, nourished and glowing, relaxing you to your core. 

  • 120 Min $220. 

Weary Traveler Foot Bath & Body 

Our weary traveler treatment begins with a soothing lavender foot bath followed by a light body polish and a nutrient-rich, green clay body mask. Next you will be warmly wrapped to allow the clay to boost your circulation. An aromatic, customized massage completes this body ritual. 

  • 120 Min $220. 

Sweet Serenity 

Pamper your skin with a fragrant brown sugar scrub that infuses precious oils as it exfoliates, followed by a vitamin-rich, antioxidant chocolate mineral mask. This spa ritual is completed with a full body massage. 

  • 120 Min $210. 

Sage & Spirit 

Clear away travel fatigue and stress with the relaxing power of massage combined with the ceremonial scent of sage. Tired feet will benefit from a concentration on reflexology points, while the sage infused herbal wrap will ground and detoxify to completely enrich your Santa Fe experience. 

  • 120 Min $210. 

Body Treatments

Restore & Revitalize Scrub & Massage 

Indulge, invigorate and revitalize your whole-self with nature’s elements. Before we begin your therapeutic massage, your body will be gently exfoliated with a scrub of your choice. Emerge feeling radiant and revitalized. 

Choose one: Aromatic Desert or Salt Glow 

Brown Sugar Scrub 

  • 90 Min $175. 

Pumpkin Spice Scrub & Wrap 

A delicious and fragrant treatment that exfoliates and softens your skin. We begin with a delicious brown sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin, then apply a vitamin-rich pumpkin mask that perks up your skin leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and youthful. To further allow the products to replenish your whole body, you are then warmly wrapped, leaving you relaxed and hydrated. 

  • 55 Min $125. 


Experience a relaxing and therapeutic treatment concentrating on pressure points and massage techniques on the feet using a traditional wooden tool. Reflexology helps to alleviate tension throughout the body and helps balance and detoxify while relieving many other stress related conditions. Specifically designed to stimulate and increase energy flow throughout your entire body. Not recommended for pregnant women. 

  • 55 Min $100. 

All services are provided at La Fonda on the Plaza. Massage treatments are available in your guest room for an additional fee of $50. To reserve your treatment in advance, call our concierge at 505-995-2333 or extension 4200 within the hotel, or email concierge@lafondasantafe.com to begin your journey to a peaceful state.  If you use email, you will receive a confirmation if the requested times are available.