Discover Haunted Santa Fe

Imagine taking a stroll through the Santa Fe Plaza in the middle of the night, when suddenly mysterious harp music is heard and you’re the only one there. And, the ghost of a young bride, who was tragically, killed on her wedding night is frequently seen, wandering, through a downtown hotel. Also, the spirit of a woman from Santa Fe’s high society, sick with grief over the death of her youngest child, still roams the mansion where she lived. In Santa Fe’s 400-year history the stories told are rich with tales of ghosts and the paranormal.

This tour will explore many of the haunted places and legends around downtown Santa Fe. Included in the tour are:

· La Fonda on the Plaza: where several ghosts have reportedly been seen, including a judge who frequented La Fonda, then the Exchange Hotel, was murdered and still visits his old haunts;

· The Santa Fe Plaza, where sightings are frequent and include a Spanish soldier killed in battle and a notorious Wild West outlaw roaming the streets at night;

· The Barrio de Analco, where a headless horseman is said to ride the streets, perhaps looking for his missing head;

· The Santa Fe River where a wailing woman is said to snatch away unsuspecting children getting too close the river’s edge;

· A hotel, formerly an old hospital, known to many because of the high number of paranormal incidents have been reported over the decades;

· La Posada Hotel where Santa Fe’s most famous ghost, Julia Staab, is said to still wander the halls of what used to be her family home, and many more.

Package Includes:

· Two passes for the La Fonda Ghost Tour. Please contact Tour Director, Ken Ortolon at (512) 569-9613 to confirm your tour reservation. The passes are also good for the Discovery Walking Tour of Santa Fe that departs from La Fonda at 10AM.

· Luxury guest room accommodations for two

· Copy of the book “Haunted Santa Fe” by Ray John De Aragon

· Never any hidden resort fees

Book Package