An Integral Part of Santa Fe History

Explore the story behind La Fonda on the Plaza™

The La Fonda hotel history is rich and robust, connecting the elegant luxury hotel with a 400 year tradition in hospitality. This corner holds deep roots in Santa Fe history, noted as the location of the town's first inn over four centuries ago. By the 19th century, La Fonda developed a reputation for hospitality, attracting trappers, soldiers, gamblers and more to the popular juncture. The old inn changed hands several times as the years progressed, enduring milestones such as the Civil War, railroad expansion and New Mexico statehood, while maintaining its status as a Santa Fe landmark.

In 1922, the beautiful Santa Fe hotel guests enjoy today was built, featuring a stunning Terrace, breathtaking skylights and terra cotta tile that still adorn the hotel today. The La Fonda Santa Fe history took an interesting turn several years later, becoming a part of the Harvey House legacy as the hotel shifted its focus to luxury experiences. The hotel was sold to private owners in 1968 before changing hands again one last time in 2014. Today family owners, including Jennifer Kimball and Philip Wise, are dedicated to maintaining the hotel's esteemed tradition of hospitality.