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Dear Friends, 

Hot off the press this month in Santa Fe’s newest culture and cuisine publication, Table Magazine, is a feature that celebrates innovative Native American Artists, SWAIA’s 100-Year 2022 Indian Market, and Chef Lane’s signature cuisine.  Together with artists Marla Allison, Jordan Craig, Tony Abeyta and their partners, my husband Rob and I gathered to break bread at our home last August to celebrate SWAIA’s hit Centennial market. It was a magical evening that honored a few of my extremely talented friends and their lasting mark on the art world. Each of the artists’ works is part of La Fonda’s museum quality art collection, making the evening even more special.  Filled with laughter, Chef Lane’s dishes packed with locally sourced and farm fresh ingredients, hilarious stories and thoughtful company — it was so much fun documenting our time together. Pick up the summer issue at the hotel, or, read it here! 

I’d like to extend a big thank you to our fans for coming out for our documentary watch party! With the Lumpkins Ballroom filled to the brim, my gratitude was overflowing. What better way to celebrate La Fonda as Santa Fe’s living room than by gathering with over 200 loyal supporters for a good old fashioned PBS show? It was so much fun to commemorate our 100 years of hospitality with many near and dear friends of La Fonda. The Hutton Broadcasting filmmakers were in the house, along with my close friend and the film’s narrator, Ali MacGraw, and many of the interviewees and their families who so graciously donated their time to the project.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch the film, watch it online at PBS

As noted in the documentary, part of our rich history was shaped by the intellectually engaged and innovative scientists involved with the Manhattan project. The project put Los Alamos on the map and helped solidify its place as one of the nation’s top labs for innovative research. Did you know that during WWII government agents often lodged at the hotel and even assumed roles as bartenders and bellmen? Oh, the stories these walls could tell! With such a unique past, it’s no wonder the talented and multifaceted, former CIA operative Valerie Plame chose La Fonda to hold her third Spies, Lies and Nukes conference that will feature some of her legendary, highly decorated, and experienced CIA colleagues as they pull back the curtain on international espionage. The event will be held November 10-12, 2023, and is certain to shed light on international spy operations. Don’t miss your chance to participate! Friends of La Fonda have been extended a special discount code. When booking, use the code “La Fonda” to redeem your discount. Early bird pricing ends June 15, 2023. Click here to book now. 

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Summer markets bookend the busiest season in Santa Fe. Make your market plans now! 

International Folk Art Market (July 7-9) 

Where else can you encounter an Israeli folk artist showcasing wares next to a Palestinian cross stitch embroidery artist? The answer lies in the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This unique event brings together talented artisans from around the world, transcending borders and fostering a sense of unity through art. Set against the stunning backdrop of Santa Fe's rich cultural heritage, the market celebrates the diversity of global craftsmanship, offering visitors an extraordinary opportunity to explore traditional and contemporary art forms from all corners of the globe. With its commitment to promoting cultural understanding and economic empowerment, the International Folk Art Market truly exemplifies the power of art to bridge divides and create meaningful connections. 

This year the market will be held at Santa Fe’s Railyard Park, an undeniably central location, and within walking distance of the hotel!  

A Man With A Beard And A Scarf Around His NeckA Person Sewing A Colorful Piece Of Fabric

Spanish Market (July 29 & 30) 

The 2023 Traditional Spanish Market takes place on July 29 & 30 on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza.A popular event for residents and visitors alike, Spanish Market features handmade traditional art from hundreds of local Hispanic artists. Punched tin, retablos, wood carvings, paintings and more can be viewed alongside live music from the bandstand. Participate in art demonstrations and feast on regional foods provided by local vendors throughout each day. 

A Colorful Religious Painting

SWAIA’S Indian Market (August 18 -20) 

Each August, an estimated 100,000 people attend the Southwestern Association of American Indian Art’s (SWAIA’s) annual Indian Market, the largest juried Native American art show in the world — and it’s right in our backyard! As many of you know, this incredible event takes place on and around the central plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and sponsors over one-thousand Native artists from more than one-hundred tribal communities in North America and Canada. Artists show their latest work and compete for awards in SWAIA’s prestigious judged art competition. Santa Fe’s Indian Market has flourished for the past 100-years and today generates upwards of 160 million dollars annually in revenues for artists and the community. It’s one of my favorite markets.  I hope you can make it! 

Indian Market Dance

See you at the markets! 


Jennifer Lea Kimball
Ambassador & Board Chairman Emerita
La Fonda on the Plaza

Santa Fe Indian Market Painting
A Person Wearing A Colorful Blanket


A Painting On A Wall

Detours at La Fonda

The AT&SF Railway commissioned Gerald Cassidy (1879-1934) to create paintings that could be reproduced to promote travel to the Southwest in railroad stations across the country. Eleven of Cassidy's original commissioned paintings are on display throughout the hotel.

Detours now offers exclusive, fine art quality prints!

A Door In A Stone Building

Santuario by La Fonda

Luxury Vacation Residences

Looking for a luxurious and spacious retreat in Santa Fe? Look no further than Santuario by La Fonda. Our vacation residences offer ample room for your family gathering, wedding party, or getaway with friends. Relax in style, surrounded by the beauty of Santa Fe's rich history and vibrant culture. 
A Bottle Of Wine On A Table

La Plazuela

If you're into sustainably made wines from the Pacific Northwest, you'll love the distinct flavors of Willamette Valley Vineyard wines paired with a special menu crafted specifically for our Wine Dinner.  Join us for an amazing evening July 12, 2023.

A Vase Of Flowers On A Table

Cynde Roof Fine Art Gallery

Break into summer by acquiring a new piece of Cynde Roof Fine Art! FREE shipping during the month of June.

Cynde Roof Fine Art
105 Old Santa Fe Trail   
Santa Fe


A Person Standing In Front Of A Store

Rocki Gorman

Check out Rocki's newest location! Just off the lobby near La Plazuela.

Make a bold statement with handcrafted Southwestern inspired accessories and jewelry that seamlessly blend classic and contemporary styles.

Phone: 505-983-7833

A Close Up Of A Frog

Gemsong Gallery

Now expanded next to Detours at La Fonda!

Gemsong Gallery features a large selection of pieces by top Indigenous artists, along with an extensive selection of collectible American Turquoise from the gallery founder's five decades of experience as a trade leader in the Gemstone and Indigenous Jewelry & Arts industries.

A Pair Of Scissors

Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor offers America's largest selection of premium leather & exotic skin belts, buckles & bags.

Explore their latest!

A gift shop

The Shops at La Fonda

Discover the fall offerings from the amazing Shops at La Fonda!

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Activities in Santa Fe

There's so much to see and do in Santa Fe, so make sure to plan ahead!  Whether you're into live concerts, hiking, biking or golf -- there's something for everyone in The City Different.

La Fonda and Santa Fe in the News

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