Sovereign Santa Fe

2021 Contemporary Art Exhibit

As fine art collectors and enthusiasts from around the world gather in small groups and virtually in Santa Fe, New Mexico this August they will have the unique opportunity to experience the third official 'Sovereign Santa Fe' 2021 art expo.
Sovereign Santa Fe is a curated Contemporary Native American Arts exhibition showcasing cutting edge indigenous creativity. Sovereign’s mission is to create a platform to highlight ‘NewSchool’ Native American Arts and its elusive relationship between traditional and contemporary. Sovereign Santa Fe was established in 2018 to give vibrant; living/working Native American artists an on-trend platform to showcase and share their accomplished works and talents.

Organized by FaraHNHeight Fine Art, Tony Abeyta, and Randy L. Barton; taking place at La Fonda on the Plaza in The Lumpkins Ballroom & Mezzanine above the Lobby, Sovereign SF fosters a community of forward thinking artists. The exhibition features contemporary paintings, sculptures, merchandise and other mediums.
Sovereign allows visitors to view and interact with over fifty different contemporary native artist works, including but not limited to: Rabbett Before Horses Strickland, The Carson Twins (Elizabeth & Margert), Nelson White, Patricia Michaels, David Naranjo, DeAnna Autumn Leaf Suazo, Nocona Burgess, Diorr Greenwood, Lance Smith, April Holder, Lance Yazzie, Raven Arbuckle, Craig George, Robyn Tsannajinnie, Orlando Allison, Micha Wesley, Danielle SeeWalker, Jesse Raine Littlebird, Shondinii Walters, Jay Smiley, Josh Atcheynum, Monty Little, David K. John, Adrien Wall, Patrick CloudFace Burnham, and many others.
This year, Sovereign Santa Fe partners with Pivot: Skateboard Deck Art, featuring nearly 100 unique contemporary native art works on identical canvases (Skateboards). Organizer Landis Bahe (Diné) wants to unite artists and cultures, to bring them together as one. “We hope this show will inspire everyone in their lives and in any talents, they may be pursuing.” says Bahe.  The resulting exhibit speaks to a pivotal moment in Native American art. 
In addition, this year’s exhibition will also be introducing ‘Sovereign Market Annex’: a curated selection of Sovereign participants who will be exhibiting, promoting and selling their products and services. Vendors such as Three Feathers Star Quilts, Prados Beauty, Steven Paul Judd, Ricardo Cate, Rodger Perkins, Santiago Rivera, Carlis Chee, Beau Tsatoke, George Alexander, Carlos Sandoval,  and more then 20 others. The vending booths will be located in and around the official Sovereign Santa Fe exhibit upstairs in the ballroom and mezzanine.  Visitors coming to Sovereign Santa Fe at La Fonda on the Plaza can explore the art exhibit in a safe and socially distanced atmosphere, then enjoy flavorful fare and cool drinks at La Fonda’s multiple food and beverage locations within the hotel.

What: Sovereign Santa Fe Exhibition
Where: La Fonda on the Plaza, The Lumpkins Ballroom & Mezzanine
When: Monday, August 16th - Saturday, August 22st | 10AM – 8PM
Sovereign Santa Fe is a collaborative event with the following participants: FaraHNheight Fine Art Gallery, Gregory F. Farah,  La Fonda on the Plaza, Tony Abeyta (Guest Curator),  Contemporary Native American Arts Group.

Sovereign Santa Fe donates a portion of sales to various philanthropic fundraisers supporting and promoting Native American Rights & Culture. This year’s featured Nonprofit is ‘The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women’ (CSVANW).
Partial List of Participating Artists:
Sheldon Harvey (Diné)
April Holder (Sac & Fox)
George Alexander (Muscogee Creek)
Santiago Rivera (Mescalero Apache)
Raven Arbuckle (Ojibwe/Choctaw)
Jay Smiley (Diné)
Gerald Stone (Seminole / Cherokee)
Melissa Cody (Diné)
Beau Tsatoke (Kiowa)
Rabbett Before Horses Strickland (Ojibwe)
Lance Smith (Cherokee)
Armond Antonio (Diné)
Ricardo Cate, Kewa (Santo Domingo)
Randy L Barton (Diné)
Nocona Burgess (Comanche)
Carlis Chee (Diné)
DeAnna Autumn Leaf Suazo (Taos Pueblo / Diné)
David K. John (Dine)
Patrick CloudFace Burnham (Dine/Hopi)
Jesse Raine Littlebird (Laguna & Kewa Pueblos)
Brian Davidson (Diné)
Brent Learned (Cheyenne / Arapaho)
Josh Atcheynum (Plains Cree)
Monty Little (Diné)
The Carson Twins; Margaret Carson& Bizzle G. Carson (Choctaw)
David Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo)
Craig George (Diné)
Sandra Cohoe (Diné)
Micah Wesley (Kiowa/Creek)
Jamie Chavez (Raramuri / Tarahumara / Chicano)
Antoinette Thompson aka AThompsons Art (Diné)
Aaron Kiyaani (Diné)
Shondinii Walters(Diné)
Orlando Allison (Hopi)
Robyn Tsinnajinnie (Diné)
Lance Yazzie (Diné)