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Women's History Month

Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to announce an innovative initiative spearheaded by the New Mexico International Women’s Forum. It is the New Mexico Historic Women Marker Guide. A perfect road trip companion, the program celebrates some of the courageous women who helped shape the unique, multicultural landscape of our Land of Enchantment through informative roadside markers. Of course, key La Fonda figures made the list! Next time you visit Santa Fe, be sure to visit the Historic Women Marker Program website to access the comprehensive marker guide.

The Harvey Girls: Pillars of Hospitality at La Fonda (Marker 45, located in Albuquerque at 1st Street SW & Gold Avenue)

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At the heart of La Fonda's storied past are the Harvey Girls – a group of remarkable women who, with bravery and dedication, played a pivotal role in the success of the Fred Harvey Company. La Fonda was one of the iconic Harvey Houses, where these pioneering women became synonymous with hospitality excellence. Their commitment to service, poise, and impeccable standards elevated the guest experience to unparalleled heights.

Many of you are familiar with two of our favorite Harvey Girls, identical twins, Beverly Ireland and Bernette Jarvis. In fact, they are so deeply beloved here at the hotel, they were both recognized as La Fonda Legends during a special ceremony last year. With an itch to travel and a yearning to set forth and discover the world, the twins left the farm life in Minnesota in 1955 for the high desert of New Mexico and never looked back! Learn more about the twins in our documentary featured on NMPBS.

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Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter: Architectural Visionary at La Fonda (Marker 47, located in Albuquerque at 1st Street SW at the Transit Station)


Another luminary we proudly recognize this month is Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter – an architectural icon whose brilliance graced La Fonda and various Fred Harvey Company projects. Colter's influence on the Southwestern architectural landscape is immeasurable, and her work at La Fonda has left an enduring mark. Colter was involved as an architect for buildings that include: the Grand Canyon’s Watchtower, Hopi House, and Phantom Ranch; El Navajo Hotel, in Gallup; La Posada, in Winslow, Arizona; and Union Station, in Los Angeles – and of course, her influence is ever-present throughout La Fonda.

Take a stroll through the hotel and you'll witness Colter's genius in the meticulously designed interiors and the seamless integration of the talented work of local artisans. Her collaboration with the Fred Harvey Company at La Fonda speaks volumes about her dedication to creating spaces that resonate with the cultural tapestry of the region. At La Fonda, Colter’s vision is on full display through handcrafted light fixtures, painted headboards, tiles, commissioned murals and handwoven textiles – all by local artisans. 

Another powerful and talented woman near and dear to the hotel is my close friend and La Fonda architect, Barbara Felix. Barbara was also honored as a La Fonda Legend for her commitment to safeguarding the history of the hotel through her thoughtful design process. Barbara was deeply inspired by Colter’s intuitive connection to the region’s color palette, people, geography, and biodiversity. She incorporated Colter’s attention to detail and respect for indigenous art into the award-winning renovation of our restaurant, La Plazuela, along with the 2013 guest room renovation, a project that truly honored Colter’s legacy.       

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And join me in recognizing a relatively new woman of La Fonda, the thoughtful and compassionate, Leticia Bernal. Tasked with directing our newly formed La Fonda Foundation, Leticia operates with equal parts drive and passion – all in the service of La Fonda team members and the greater Santa Fe Community. La Fonda has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community we love. Representing over 100 years of culture and community, the goal of the Foundation focuses on increasing social mobility for hourly wage workers in New Mexico and driving systemic change.  Under her guidance, the Foundation will thrive and create meaningful opportunities. Learn more about La Fonda Foundation here.

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Here's to all women, working tirelessly to make a positive mark on our communities!

With love,

Jennifer Lea Kimball
Ambassador & Board Chairman Emerita
La Fonda on the Plaza

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Detours at La Fonda

Discover the exquisite world of hand-painted ceramic wares at Detours by Kelly Jo Kuchar, where artistry meets functionality in a celebration of craftsmanship. Each piece tells a unique story, as Kelly Jo Kuchar infuses her creations with passion and creativity, resulting in a stunning collection that tells a unique story.

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Santuario by La Fonda

Luxury Vacation Residences

Looking for a luxurious and private retreat for Spring Break in Santa Fe? Look no further than Santuario by La Fonda. Our vacation residences offer the opportunity to relax in style, surrounded by the beauty of Santa Fe's rich history and vibrant culture. Call us to learn about our seasonal discounts! 505.992.0888
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La Plazuela

The charming and inviting ambiance of La Plazuela, with its atrium courtyard and hand-painted windows, complements the dining experience, transporting guests to a bygone era. Whether indulging in classic enchiladas, savoring the warmth of posole, or relishing the perfectly spiced chile rellenos, every bite at La Plazuela is a celebration of the culinary heritage deeply rooted in the heart of Santa Fe.

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Cynde Roof Fine Art Gallery

March is here and spring is just around the corner.  A fine art painting from Cynde Roof Fine Art will eliminate the winter blues.

Cynde Roof Fine Art
105 Old Santa Fe Trail   
Santa Fe


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Rocki Gorman

Announcing a Second Location at La Fonda!

Check out Rocki's newest location! Just off the lobby near La Plazuela.

Rocki Gorman has opened a second location off the lobby of La Fonda across from the La Plazuela. Stop in and say hello and remember to shop the flagship store on the lower level-Water street and Old Santa Fe. Trail

May you Walk in Beauty

Phone: 505-983-7833

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Gemsong Gallery

Where History & Inspiration Meet

Gemsong Galleries at La Fonda on the Plaza special offer!

Turquoise 101 Tours began in Setember 2023 at Gemsong Galleries located next to Detours, La Fonda's Gift Shop. The tour ends at Gemsong Plaza, 149 East Alameda Street, in Gemsong's Turquoise, Mineral & Gem Museum, where treasures not seen elsewhere can be viewed.

Be an informed buyer! Join our TURQUOISE 101 TOUR and learn from an industry expert and leader in the gem and jewelry trades. Owner, Peter Vajda has over six decades experience as a leader in the gem & jewelry trades and has acquired more than ten billion carats of turquoise over his career. By launching the Turquoise, Mineral & Gem Museum, Peter is able to share his rich knowledge with the public. He is an international colored gemstone expert and helped write definitions dealing with gem material use concerning Native American jewelry authenticity for State and Federal laws. He has acquired more than ten billion carats of turquoise in his career from the most iconic turquoise mines in the world.

Cost of the tour is $30/person, which includes admission to the Museum. Veterans and students, and groups of 8 or more receive reduced admission fees. Museum entry is $20 with no tour. Initially, there will be two daily tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays or by appoinment.

The tours begins at Gemsong's hotel location and end at Gemsong Plaza, located at 149 East Alameda Street, in Gemsong's recently launched Turquoise, Mineral & Gem Museum, where exclusive treasures are on display for viewing.

To book a tour, inquire at the gallery or call Melanie Moon, manager of Gemsong Galleries: 505.819.7227 or 505.988.5536 or email


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Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor offers America's largest selection of premium leather & exotic skin belts, buckles & bags.

Explore their latest!

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The Shops at La Fonda

Discover the fall offerings from the amazing Shops at La Fonda!

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Activities in Santa Fe

There's so much to see and do in Santa Fe, so make sure to plan ahead!  Whether you're into live concerts, hiking, biking or golf -- there's something for everyone in The City Different.

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