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Santa Fe Welcomes Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett at the Santa Fe Opera

It has been a little over two years since I last saw Lyle Lovett play in Santa Fe.  It was the night he “closed down” the  Paolo Soleri – giving the final performance at the beloved local venue.

On Friday evening he played for a sold out crowd at the Santa Fe Opera; performing a benefit concert for the Santa Fe Watershed Association. Lovett and his large 11-member band rocked the audience with his unique blend of country, rock and blues. The highlight for me was when he asked Santa Fe legend Bill Hearne to join him on stage to sing Hearne’s own song, Walk Through the Bottomland. Hearne and Lovett’s voices blended beautifully and it was moving for all of us Santa Feans to see how much Lovett thought of Hearne and the respect that was paid to him. Bill Hearne has been performing in La Fonda’s La Fiesta lounge for over 20 years.

Lovett was on stage the entire 2 ½ hour concert with no intermission.  From Klein, Texas, Lovett still makes me homesick for my home state of Texas singing his often humorous yet soulful songs about the Great State of Texas.

6 Responses to “Santa Fe Welcomes Lyle Lovett”

  1. santafetraveler

    I, too was at Soleri concert. Wish I could have been at the Opera on Friday. I love Lyle and Bill Hearn is a local treasure. Thanks to La Fonda for having him at the Fiesta Lounge!

    • Jenny Kimball

      He is a true Santa Fe Treasure. Bonnie was with him last night and singing along with Bill and Lyle from her seat. it was a great event.

  2. Penina

    So great to hear you celebrate your Texas roots in a place where Texas is not lauded but often ‘trashed’. I intentionally eliminated my slight accent when I moved to Santa Fe in the 60’s. What has become of the Paolo Soleri Theater?

    • Jenny Kimball

      I was born a Texan and will always be proud of being a Texan, even when Santa Feans are often ugly about Texans. They are just jealous! I do not know what is happening with the Paolo Soleri theater. Does anyone?

  3. Keiko

    As I understand it, the Native entity that owns it (school?) felt it was not matching their mission and found it too expensive to maintain.


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