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A Very Merry 70’s Holiday Party

What do get when you combine our staff and their families, the 1970’s and Santa? Fun for all at La Fonda’s holiday party. Disco music filled the air as we ¬†boogied through the buffet line loading up plates with Chicken La Fonda, macaroni & cheese, green beans, roast and all the fixings. Chef Lane Warner and his staff pulled out all the stops for La Fonda families… and did I mention there was chocolate cake and cupcakes?

Nancy, Shawn & Jenny Xmas Party 2013 064

The kids got to visit with Santa, play some indoor parachute ball and make their own arts and crafts. The highlight of the party though…. had to be the costumes. I think it was hard for the audience to pick their favorites as their fellow La Fonda family members paraded down the center of the ballroom – some barely recognizable and getting in a few disco moves.

We had so much fun that at the end of the party we paraded to the Plaza. You can imagine the surprise of people just minding their own business, basking in the Santa Fe sunshine… when all of a sudden a huge crowd pours out of La Fonda with crazy hair, wild polyester and platform shoes on!

I just had to share some of the photos with you… I hear there’s a video, too. You might want to watch our Facebook page for that!

May you all have as much fun and laughter this holiday season as we do here at La Fonda.



La Fonda 70's flashback at the Plaza bandstand.

La Fonda 70’s flashback at the Plaza bandstand.

Yes. That's GM John Rickey flashing the double peace sign!


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8 Responses to “A Very Merry 70’s Holiday Party”

  1. Andy Ritch

    The “look” is better than ever. I wish I had been on the street when you exited the Hotel.
    Were the police called??? LOL
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  2. Eric Sofield

    Jenny you are amazing what a great idea disco ball and all.
    Happy Holidays to you and all of your La Fonda family, may 2014 bring you the very best!

    • Jenny Kimball

      I wish I could take credit for the party but it was our craw’s idea and implementation totally – not mine. Happy holidays and the best of everything to you in 2014!


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