View From the Plaza

Holidays at La Fonda on the Plaza

During the holidays I can’t help but reflect on how blessed I am to work with such a wonderful group of people.  It was so nice celebrating the season with the fantastic employees of La Fonda, along with their families.  This year, during our annual holiday party, our senior staff held a fun competition: The Tackiest Sweater Contest!  Below you’ll find photos of some of the best-dressed contestants.  This just might become an annual tradition!

Lisa Bertelli, Santa Claus, Shawn Murphy

Ed Pulsifer, Greg Quintana, Adrian Montoya, John Rickey, John Nuanez

Lisa Bertelli and Adrian Montoya

Greg Quintana, Adrian Montoya, John Nuanez, Lisa Bertelli

John Rickey, Lisa Bertelli, Adrian Montoya, Jenny Kimball, Santa Claus, Ed Pulsifer

… and the winner is:  Mary Nuanez, decked-out in her blinking-holiday-pooch attire!


8 Responses to “Holidays at La Fonda on the Plaza”

  1. Jeff Caven

    Wow those some awesome tacky sweaters! From what I am seeing the competition was fierce although I think the blinking dog is the clear winner. And you are right about the wonderful group of people. Happy Holidays!

  2. Andy Ritch

    Mary deserved the title. The whole affair looked like a good time was had by all.
    Happy New Year to you and your super Staff.

  3. Annette Sedillo

    Clearly Mary is the winner!! And, clearly those are a great bunch to work with. I am fortunate enough to know each one!!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Penina

    I laughed out loud and agree about Mary’s protruding pooch. Are these sweaters from White Elephant Parties or gifts from grannie????

    • Jenny Kimball

      I think most bought at thrift stores and embellished them. Mine came out of my own closet and was “as is”.


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