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Happy Valentine’s Day to All

Jenny SkiingMy sweetie and I decided to head up to the ski basin yesterday to enjoy the crystal clear blue sunny day. The snow is gorgeous, still powdery, with just a few rocky glitches to watch for and there were no lift lines at all. Anyone thinking about getting out and carving some turns should head up there while the snow is still fabulous! Think about what you and your Valentine enjoy doing together and take time out today to enjoy it together. If you do not have a special someone, reach out to a good friend or family member and tell them how much they mean to you. It is a good day to reflect on those that are near and dear to our hearts and let them know how special they are!


I saw this during this morning's jog along Canyon Road. You can't see very well from the photo, but the word LOVE is spelled out in natural greenery.

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