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Biography of David McElroy

David McElroy is a native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma and an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.. He attended Tufts University in Massachusetts before attending law school at American University in Washington DC.

He practiced law for nearly two decades, in a variety of fields including Indian law, representing tribes and tribal businesses, as well as international corporate and commercial law. He practiced eight years in London before moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he now resides and has his art studio, 1610 Silver.

While in the UK, David began his silversmith training. He developed a love of working in sterling silver and high karat gold. He developed a passion for traditional Native American and European repoussé techniques, which are the hallmark of his designs.

David also integrates precious and semi- precious stones in his designs in single stone settings as well as traditional Native inlaid pieces that feature high grade turquoise, fossilized coral, and lapis lazuli. In addition to jewelry, David also creates accessories including sterling silver boxes, candlesticks, money clips, sterling seed pots, as well as many other items.

David exhibits his work at various galleries in the Santa Fe area, as well as juried fine art shows such as the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market in Phoenix, Arizona, and many others across the country.

David is a 2016 SWAIA Discovery Fellow.

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