Monthly Archives: October 2011

October 20 2011

Inter “View” from the Plaza – Dr. Frances Levine, Director, NM History Museum

Readers of Vanity Fair will recognize that I have shamelessly borrowed their question-and-answer format in my conversation with Dr. Frances Levine, director of the New Mexico History Museum. The magazine’s monthly “Proust Questionnaire” is so called because French novelist Marcel Proust was the most famous person to respond to the party game we sometimes call […]

October 14 2011

ZZ Top – Still “Flying High”

It is truly amazing to see the variety of people who come and stay with us. Just this past month, we have had so many talented people staying with us, from a sitting Supreme Court justice, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, to Billy Gibbons, the lead singer of ZZ Top. The wonder of it all […]

October 10 2011

A View From The Mesa

Our chef concierge, Steve Wimmer, sent me a copy of a letter describing a trip he took to the Hopi reservation with his friend, Brad Wigor, earlier this month. Brad is a film producer and director and one of his current projects is a movie on Mary Jane Colter. The letter is to Mrs. Frances […]