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ZZ Top – Still “Flying High”

It is truly amazing to see the variety of people who come and stay with us. Just this past month, we have had so many talented people staying with us, from a sitting Supreme Court justice, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, to Billy Gibbons, the lead singer of ZZ Top. The wonder of it all is how gracious these celebrities are, to me as well as our entire staff.

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was a gracious guest at La Fonda

Billy Gibbons stayed with us this week before his rockin’ concert last night at Tingley Coliseum. Growing up in Texas, ZZ Top was one of the bands we listened to nonstop, so I was thrilled to host him at La Fonda. Billy was so gracious and kind to each person he met—from our bellmen, to our front desk staff and to me. Thoughtful and gracious, he took the time to talk to everyone he encountered, even sending gifts to those who helped him and inviting my entire team to be his guests at the concert.

Seeing this kind, mild-mannered, soft-spoken man on stage playing his classic hits and making his lead guitar sing was a thrill for all of us. Even better, was knowing he had become a friend of ours. Billy dispels the stereotype of an egotistical, misbehaving rock and roller and yet he still belts it out like he and his band have been doing for the last 40 years.

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  1. Andy Ritch

    Your comments about Billy are “right on.” Tis a pitty that the music world doesn’t have more down to Earth folk like him. He is “flying high” all right but his feet are firmly placed on the good “ole soil.”


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