View From the Plaza

Who is the mysterious artist? Anyone know?

On my morning jog today, I discovered these fabulous, hand painted signs along Upper Canyon Road. Since Santa Fe has once again just been voted by readers of Conde Nast Traveler, the 4th most popular travel city in the US for 2012 due to its “ambience” and “culture/sites”, this seemed especially fitting. And I love that the signs do not tell you who to vote for. Just to go vote. Very Santa Fe!

5 Responses to “Who is the mysterious artist? Anyone know?”

  1. Maggie

    Some young students must have done these. Too bad that they’ll probably never know how much you appreciated them. Perhaps tomorrow you could put a Post-it note on the back of one saying that you love them.

  2. William Freimuth

    I checked wikipedia and couldn’t find anything about this incredible artist(s?).
    I’m sure it won’t be long though.

    • Jenny Kimball

      You are too funny. Did you get your La Fonda gift certificate for your aspen answer?

  3. William Freimuth

    Sorry to say I haven’t received anything. I could have misplaced or email might have been screened. In any case we would sure appreciate another reason to come to Santa Fe.

    BTW….I was a little concerned that i should add the ‘just kidding’ component to my previous comment…..grateful for the comedic insight.


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