View From the Plaza

The Colorful View from the 2012 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market


Color, color everywhere!

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market was the place to be this past weekend. The Friday night preview continues to grow in popularity and this year it was packed with excited buyers getting their first glimpse at artwork from around the world. It’s also a great place to see friends from all walks of life – the ¬†nonprofit world, politicos, artists, and business leaders. The crowd was so thick on Friday, I went back on Sunday to make sure I hadn’t missed anything and it was still crazy busy. ¬†Not surprising though…where else can you meet such a variety of talented international artists all in one place?

Words alone cannot capture the experience. Enjoy the “view” from the market!


7 Responses to “The Colorful View from the 2012 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market”

  1. Laura Sullivan

    Thank you, Jenny, for this wonderful reflection on the Folk Art Market and for the fantastic photos! You capture the spirit. Thank you for your tremendous support through La Fonda in hosting guests and being a great community partner.

    • Jenny Kimball

      We love love love the folk art market and are glad to be a partner. You shine such a positive light on Santa Fe in helping so many artists and communities back in their home countries. What you guys do is simply amazing!

  2. david wilson

    i am loving your letters. until the winter of ’76 i had a leather shop in the la fonda. i have the best memories of the inner workings of that place and the most amazing group of people from staff to the other merchants to mr. ballen and his wonderful secretary whose name escapes me. i was just a hippie kid with a passion for leather and that hotel embraced me. in fact it was the first time i felt validated as an adult and i owe that to sam ballen. so thanks and happy memories. david wilson tulsa, ok

      • david wilson

        eliza does not strike me. not surprisingly as my time there is fading into the mists of memory.

        • Jenny Kimball

          Does the name Lisa Bertelli ring a bell? She also worked in the exec office and with Sam for years.


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