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Psst… Wanna Know a Secret?

It hasn’t been easy to keep this news secret all year, so I’m thrilled to be able to announce La Fonda will be launching a revitalization of our guest rooms (except our already world-class Terrace guest rooms and suites) in 2013 to meet modern standards of comfort. Guestrooms will have state of the art temperature controls, insulation, communications, wiring, and plumbing—world-class comfort in the same authentic surroundings that bring so many of you back year after year.

What we won’t be changing is what everyone loves about La Fonda—its authenticity, its unique charm, the decades of Santa Fe history built into its walls. In fact, the main reason we kept the renovation under wraps was to run experimental upgrades of two guest rooms. That taught us how to shore up the hotel’s inner workings while honoring the original vision of architects John Gaw Meem and Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter.

Barbara Felix (Barbara Felix Architecture + Design), the Santa Fe architect and designer who did the heritage award-winning 2009 renovation of La Plazuela, has literally spent years studying Colter’s and Meem’s original plans. Her careful research ensures we will maintain the historic authenticity that is La Fonda’s greatest asset—along with its people! I’m happy to say no staff reductions are planned; in fact we will be counting on our valued employees more than ever to ensure minimum disruption during the eight-month project beginning in January.

Besides infrastructure, our guest rooms will receive new lighting, floor coverings, and handcrafted furnishings. Of course, wherever possible, items will be sourced locally from New Mexico artisans, just as Ms. Colter would have done. I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as we are to see La Fonda secure its place as a world-class hotel, and a cultural treasure. And it’s the perfect reason to come back and see us next year!

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