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Postcards from the Plaza : The Chelsea Flower Show, London


Chelsea Flower Show

I just returned to Santa Fe from a trip to London, and was fortunate to be there during the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show. I couldn’t wait to share just a bit of the beauty with you. As many of you know, I love my flower garden and attending the show gave me new inspiration. I took hundreds of photos. It was impossible to take a bad photo. The flowers were all gorgeous!

The show is held annually in May for five days in Chelsea, London and goes all the way back to 1862! More than 150,000 people visit each year. This year was particularly special as it coincided with the Queen’s Jubilee and the debut of new jubilee roses.

Each year there seems to be some sort of controversy played up in the British press. In 2009, it was a ban on garden gnomes (the judges deemed them “too tacky”).  This year, however, it was the allowance of silk flowers that raised the eyebrows of traditionalists. I think I’m on the side of the traditionalists… silk flowers in a live garden are right up there on the tacky list with garden gnomes don’t you think?

Tickets must be purchased in advance so if you’re planning a trip to London in May next year, you’ll want to book early. For more information on the Royal Horticultural Society and the Chelsea Flower Show visit their website.


Chelsea Flower Show London

6 Responses to “Postcards from the Plaza : The Chelsea Flower Show, London”

  1. Annette Kelley

    Ooh, gorgeous! Love Rob’s hand showing the size of the rose. Catch up soon!

    • Jenny Kimball

      You are very astute. Thanks for noticing. We loved London and took all of your suggestions including Notting Hill and the E and O. Thanks for all of your help.

  2. Barbara Arlen

    These are such beautiful photos. Thanks so much. I love to see what they grow in the UK. They have a wonderful aesthetic!

    • Jenny Kimball

      The flowers over there are so healthy they look like they are on steroids!

  3. Andy Ritch

    This is post truly beautiful and I agree with your stance on silk flowers. However, I have some gladiolas (silk) in my front hall and visitors STILL go over and pinch them to see if they are real. But, in all cases where flowers should be real, I do not think there is a choice. Real, real, real. It is probably true of butter also. Welcome home.


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