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Postcards from La Fonda: Texas Hill Country

I spent this past weekend exploring part of the Texas Hill Country. Texas shows Santa Fe a lot of love, so I thought I’d return the favor with a few photographs of some must-see places in Wimberley, Driftwood and Gruene, Texas.

Texas Hill Country, Wimberley

Typical view of Texas Hill Country taken from our lodge in Wimberley


Wimberley Cafe

The Wimberley Café is THE place to eat in Wimberley, Texas. If you go, tell Cissy Dupree hello for me!


The Salt Lick

I ate, quite possibly, the best barbecue meal of my life at The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas, and trust me, I've eaten a lot of barbecue.


Gruene Hall

We spent a day in Gruene, Texas - famous for it's music!


The Grist Mill

Everything's bigger in Texas. The Grist Mill restaurant is no exception. It seats over 1000 and is the third largest eating establishment in the state!



6 Responses to “Postcards from La Fonda: Texas Hill Country”

  1. Andy Ritch

    My old stomping ground. But, the pork filet on the menu at the hotel forces the paling of any barbeque that I remember. It might have something to do with the sauce.
    Incidentally, Fredericksburg, Tx has become a HUGE art city. Their galleries have networking and collective advertising and event making. They are really marketing that little city.

    • Jenny Kimball

      We wanted to get to Fredericksburg since we’d heard so many good things about it but ran out of time. Next trip!

  2. Cindy Gregg

    The Salt Lick has been the favorite barbecue of our family since our college days at UT. It’s where we always take visitors and the towering oaks, the live music, and the fact that you can take a cooler of beer to help pass the time while waiting for a table never disappoint. Everyone visiting the Hill Country should make this a stop. Great food in a beautiful setting.

    • Jenny Kimball

      And how unsual to have a vineyard at the same place that serves awesome barbeque! It is a gorgeous setting and I am already wanting to go back! Those ribs were yummy!!

  3. david wilson

    ah, the hill country. from 1976 through 2010 it was my home. and after stubbs closed his bbq joint salt lick became the best in texas. your post reminded me. ahhh!

    • Jenny Kimball

      How do you compare it to Josh’s or other barbeque places here in Santa Fe?


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