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Postcard from La Fonda: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

My husband and I had the privilege of visiting good friends in Jackson Hole this past weekend.  We stayed in their unbelievably beautiful home with views of the Tetons from every window. Pictures are worth a thousand words so take a look at a few of the house pics below. We hiked each day. The first hike was to String and Leigh Lake on the way to Bear Paw Lake, the second day we walked along the Snake River in the Solitude area, and the third day we hiked to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point from the Jenny Lake trailhead. I also had the luck to meet Mary Scott, Superintendent of Grand Teton National Park, who met her husband, Roger while both lived in Santa Fe (Mary worked for the National Park Service and Roger was with the BLM). We had a fabulous dinner at the Snake River Grill,  the best quesadillas at Dornans for lunch one day, and reveled in the view from the dining room of the Jackson Lake Lodge. We saw more elk than I could count, moose, beavers, bison, deer and antelope, all in a short 3-day trip.  If you have never had the good fortune to visit Grand Teton National Park, book a trip there soon. It is one of the most gorgeous and special places in the entire world.  Thank goodness that John D. Rockefeller, Jr. had the foresight to buy most of the land that he donated to the National Park Service to create Grand Teton National Park.  Grand indeed.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jenny Lake Lodge sign

Snake River

6 Responses to “Postcard from La Fonda: Jackson Hole, Wyoming”

  1. Arnold Berke

    Is that a large house you were in — or a small hotel? Indeed, the scenery there is amazing.


    • Jenny Kimball

      Believe it or not, it was a dear friend’s large house. The house is amazing as is the setting and the whole experience but clearly my husband and I are spoiled being able to stay is such an awesome home with dear friends.

      • Casey Conner

        Beautiful Place & Majestic Vistas…thanks for sharing. Did your friends have a Household Mgr/Butler? & other staff?

  2. Robbin Close

    that Lodge had to be named for you Jenny! what a fantastic opportunity and gorgeous environment!!!

    • Jenny Kimball

      You are so funny. The lake (and Lodge) is actually named after a Shoshoni woman who was the wife of the 1872 expedition guide.


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