View From the Plaza

Only in Santa Fe

The days of the free lunch may be over, but if you happened to be on Canyon Road this week, you may have been able to grab some free art. A sign at the entrance to Canyon Road was beckoning drivers to make the detour, asking passers-by to ‘Please take my art.’ Once the turn was taken, a vast array of colorful paintings could be seen.

The sign asked for a donation, but there was no artist tending the store, nor was there a place to deposit the donation. I guess anyone that took a painting that wanted to give a donation, could simply donate to a cause of their own choosing.

As I drove home (without a painting), the very thought of this short interlude made me smile. Only in Santa Fe.

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  1. Jane Sauer

    Thank you for pointing out this wonderous act by someone. Yes, it could only happen in Santa Fe……but it is the very reason so many of us have fallen in love with this magical place.


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