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Rocki Gorman features locally, hand-made red coral and turquoise and silver jewelry.

Colorful Italian necklaces by Amle are available at Things Finer. Shown with a book decanter set from circa 1920, and a contemporary crown bookend.

Old Hmong textile bags from Southern China are featured at Passementrie.

Friends of La Fonda

Rocki Gorman jewelry, handmade in sterling silver with turquoise, red coral, and other stones expresses a bold, contemporary Western look in the designer’s signature style. Experience Rocki Gorman jewelry paired with clothing by designers who share her fancy for eye-catching patterns and color. Guests of La Fonda always enjoy a 10 percent discount.

Things Finer is happy to showcase colorful, imaginative pieces by Amlé of Italy. These exquisite necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are as unique as they are breathtaking. Amlé uses colorful horn as its main design material, as it can be formed into wonderful complex shapes to produce opulent pieces, each an exquisite work of art.

Passamentrie is offering another unique textile you won’t find anywhere else: tote bags crafted from antique materials created by the Hmong and other ethnic groups of southwest China. Each side of the bag is different, embroidered and appliquéd with silk, metals, and velvets. These fabrics originate from baby carriers dating back a half-century; their age reveals a lustrous patina where fabrics underneath are exposed.


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