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Many Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

My husband and I went to the opening of the 2010 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta this past weekend. The opening ceremony (see picture 1)  culminated in this balloon rising above the crowd with the American flag waving below as the national anthem was sung. Very  moving.  Picture 2 shows a balloon being rolled out to start the inflation process.  Picture 3 shows the fans that are placed next to the balloon to start inflating the balloon. Picture 4 shows a “referee” giving the thumbs up for takeoff.  Picture 5 shows the balloon of the best bank in the world, Bank of the West, La Fonda’s bank. The rest of the pictures speak for themselves and if you have never had the opportunity to be on the field as the balloons are preparing to lift off, it is truly a magical experience. The Fiesta continues through Sunday, October 10.   Visit for the schedule of events.

3 Responses to “Many Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. Thank you for sharing

    Thank you so much for sharing this pictures. It is a great event. I can’t believe that after nine years living here I have never go to the Ballon Fiesta Park. I will put that on my list for next weekend!

  2. Kay Sorensen

    Thank you SO much for sharing this.
    I have always loved the balloons – the colors, the designs, the creativity.
    A direct connection to my quilt art.
    Hope to be there next year.

  3. Suzanne Burkard

    I have been to the Balloon Fiesta three times and agree that it is truly a mystical experience. To be able to walk the rows of thousands of balloons stretched out and watch as they are fired up and inflated was amazing. I hope to be back soon!


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