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La Fonda’s Employees are Number One!

There were cheerleaders, lots of food, 80’s rock, a big screen TV giveaway and a whole lot of fans. Was it the Super Bowl? No. It was La Fonda’s Annual Employee Awards event, but after an almost year-long renovation project in 2013… it felt like OUR Super Bowl. Although we take great pride in the beauty of our hotel, it’s always been the people who make La Fonda a special place to visit and stay. That was no more apparent to me than over the last year. Our staff worked tirelessly throughout 2013 and caught every curve ball the renovation project threw at them. It’s not easy keeping a hotel running smoothly while half of it is under construction – but our staff did their very best each and every day and I could not be more proud!

Our Employees of the Month for 2013!

Our Employees of the Month for 2013!

Our GM, John Rickey spends about 40 hours of his time after hours each year putting together a slide show of our staff in action over the last year. Oh the memories and the fun! and as he said at the event, “There were ups and downs and all arounds. Lots of things torn up. Lot’s of things fixed. And we have a brand new hotel thanks to all of you guys!”

We recognized our milestone employees – counting five who have been with us five years, four who have been with us ten years, two that have been with us twenty years and one, Lisa Bertelli who has been with us thirty years!

Lisa Bertelli has been with us for 30 years!

Lisa Bertelli has been with us for 30 years!

All of our employees of the month were recognized and one was named our Employee of the Year.┬áCongratulations to Marie Munoz in House Keeping. Many of you, I’m sure recognize Marie. She is always there to help.

Marie Munoz, La Fonda's Employee of the Year 2013

Marie Munoz, La Fonda’s Employee of the Year 2013. Marie will have been with La Fonda 40 years in August!

Our Manager of the Year is Katie Balleau who went above and beyond this year always striving to surpass her goals.

Katie Balleau, our Manager of the Year 2013

Katie Balleau, our Manager of the Year 2013

Each year, John gives a game ball signed by the entire staff to someone with whom he as worked closely over the last year, and in his words, “has to put up with him”. I had no idea that this year it would be me!

Awards 2014 140 copy

It’s a memento I will cherish, and I could not have made it through the year without John and the entire staff. We all have a huge sense of accomplishment and enter into 2014 with great anticipation for the wonderful things that lie ahead at La Fonda.

5 Responses to “La Fonda’s Employees are Number One!”

  1. Betsey Venitt

    We can’t wait until our next visit to La Fonda! The hotel looks absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to the entire staff of wonderful people.

  2. Annette Sedillo

    GREATNESS!!!! It was my honor to work at La Fonda and I can attest to the fact that La Fonda’s heart and soul is the employees!! Only the most talented leadership could accomplish what La Fonda has!!


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