View From the Plaza

Jenny’s Suggestions on How to Tell a Local From a Visitor

It is always the Plaza, never never the Square

You know how to pronounce the name of the Town of Madrid properly

The Hill means Los Alamos

The Pink means the Pink Adobe

Sam will always be our most beloved mayor

You know where the old hospital was located

You know what the Liar’s Club was

You can name a few of our Living Treasures

You actually know Dale Ball

You snicker when you hear the term Santa Fe River

You do not say The La Fonda

You still call the Convention Center Sweeney

You know VLA is the Very Large Array

You do not say the Rio Grande River

You know the Roundhouse is our state capitol building

When you hear “red or green”, you do not think of Christmas

Chime and share with all, your suggestions, as to other ways to tell a local from a visitor.

7 Responses to “Jenny’s Suggestions on How to Tell a Local From a Visitor”

  1. Arnold Berke

    You also do not say “The La Fonda Hotel” which makes for two redundancies.

  2. Christa Coggins

    You still say “where Alfalfa’s used to be,” “Where Wild Oats used to be” and “Villa Linda Mall”…!

  3. David Heath

    You know how to correctly pronounce Abiquiu and Tesuque
    and that Ojo Caliente does not mean “Hot Eye”.

    You know that TA stands for Tierra Amarilla and Tor C is short
    for Truth or Consequences.


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