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Drumroll please….

The results of the La Fonda Bike to Work Challenge are in. And the winner is…Armando Campos, a member of our hard-working kitchen crew. He squeaked by me in the home stretch and edged out my 21 days by just a single day. Armando peddled for 22 days in May. For his effort Armando gets the Ben Franklin for beating me as well as another $110 for the days he biked to La Fonda. Two others gave me a run for my money (literally) and tallied up 20 days and each took home $100. Several others rode their bikes occasionally and a number of employees walked. Many of our staff, including me, got outside, exercised, smelled the spring flowers and won a little spending money.

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  1. PB

    I’m glad you’all missed the scorching heat. How wonderful that the staff is fired up for fitness.


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