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Downtown Santa Fe Merchants Make Wishes Come True

This year the Santa Fe Downtown Merchants Association decided to do something special. They started a Christmas Wishing Tree program on the Plaza. Ten live fir trees donated by the association were stationed around the Plaza and visitors were encouraged to pin their wishes on the trees – 10 of those wishes would be granted by the Downtown Merchants Association.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that a member of our own La Fonda family received a very special Christmas surprise as part of the Wishing Tree project.

As many of you know, Connie ‘Stormi’ Stahlhut has been with La Fonda for 27 years and our regulars often request her wait station when making their reservations at La Plazuela. In fact, La Fonda is a family affair for Stormi. Her sister Andrea, her brother Mike, her niece Julie, and all three of her daughters have worked for us or are currently on our staff!

Prior to the holiday, Stormi took her five grandchildren to post their wishes on the Plaza Christmas trees.┬áSeven year old Lucy wrote that she wished for Barbie’s Dream Home… something she had asked for on the last three Christmases.

On Christmas day, while the family was opening their presents… they received a very special phone call from the Santa Fe Downtown Merchants… Lucy’s wish was one of the 10 they were granting. Kudos to the Downtown Merchants Association for a wonderful idea… proving that wishes really can come true and making a little 7-year-old girl’s Christmas a very special one.

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One Response to “Downtown Santa Fe Merchants Make Wishes Come True”

  1. Andrea Stahlhut

    Thank you Santa Fe merchants, yes kudos to you all. You made a good choice. My niece Lucy is such a good girl, she loves all her family, works hard in school and when we are all hanging out together, Lucy, her sisters and cousins love playing together. I am a believer of miracles and grateful to live in this beautiful city, where I am surrounded by friends and family and a job that I love. Thanks


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