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Chivalry is alive and well in Santa Fe

Imagine my surprise when my girlfriends and I hiked up Atalaya Mountain today, only to find two nice looking young men, dragging what looked like a billboard with them. For those of you who have not hiked Atalaya, it is an approximately 7 mile round-trip hike, gaining 1780 feet in elevation. So, lugging this humongous sign up to the top of the mountain was a real commitment. Since inquiring minds needed to know, we casually asked them, “What in the world are you doing?”

They showed us the sign, shown below. The young man on the left, Patrick Rodriquez, a senior at St. Mike’s high school this year, wanted to ask his girlfriend, Kiara Glover, from Santa Fe Prep, to his prom. So, he talked what must be a very good friend, David Schoelmerich, visiting from Germany, to schlep the sign to the top of Atalaya Mountain, where Patrick told Kiara, look with your binoculars at 5 for a surprise. Thankfully she said yes, she would go his prom.

Nice to know there are young men out there with such a sense of fun, creativity and good manners and at least one very good friend!

7 Responses to “Chivalry is alive and well in Santa Fe”

  1. Andy Ritch

    I am glad to know that chivalry is alive and well in Santa Fe. I will be there in June to participate!!!

  2. Betsey Venitt

    I love these kids! Please post the photo from the Prom so we get to see them at their big event.

  3. Liz Sponagle

    I am Kiara’s mom and can tell you she was delighted with both the asking and the recording of it on this blog. Even though Patrick and Kiara have been dating for over a year, he is consistently thoughtful and innovative. I am impressed!

    • Jenny Kimball

      Liz, thanks for letting me know that Kiara saw this. As you can see from another comment, people want to see their picture from the prom so if you can, email me one so I can post it for all my subscibers to see. It’s a nice story. Thanks much.

  4. Melissa Wise

    Prom and date invitations have taken on a life of their own! From messages hidden in disappearing ink, to fortune cookie invitations, to crimes scenes saying “dying to take you to prom!” they are all very entertaining and memorable! Lucky girls!

  5. Jim Glover

    I am Kiara’s dad. I did a run with Patrick yesterday and told him his Atalaya invitation scored a lot of style points. He had to leave our run to go pick up the corsage for the prom that night.


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