View From the Plaza

Can You Say Hooky?

hooky (n.) \ˈhu̇-kē\ : truant — used chiefly in the phrase play hooky. 

If you like to ski and have ever considered playing hooky, tomorrow would be the time. I skied Santa Fe ski basin today, just 20 minutes from La Fonda’s front door, and it was snowing this morning when we arrived, snowed all day and it was still snowing this afternoon when we left. This fresh powder from today is on top of the 6 inches of new snow from last night, and on top of a stellar base of good snow. There are fresh powder tracks to be skied on almost every run and the snow is wonderfully light and deep. From Easter Bowl, to the trees of Tequila Sunrise, to the pristine Cornice run, you will have an amazing time!

To see the latest Ski Santa Fe conditions check out their Snow Report.

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