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Treat Mom to Travel

Remember all those times that your Mom took you to see and experience new things? Now it’s your chance to return the favor. One of my great joys as an adult has been travelling with my mother and creating new mother/daughter memories.  I recently returned from a trip with my Mom to San Miguel de Allende.  The bougainvilleas… Read more »

May In Santa Fe is a Good Time To…

Party in Santa Fe as the town sheds its winter blues for the perfect mountain days of May. Food is large on everyone’s mind as the spring produce tantalizes palates for the weeks to come. Art, of course, and dance parties help round out the early summer menu.   Food and drink Sample the budding… Read more »

The Harvey Girl Twins at La Fonda

Sharing the history of La Fonda hospitality is one of our greatest pleasures. That’s why I was thrilled to have the chance to capture some of the memories of two of La Fonda’s Harvey Girls. Among Fred Heads, they are commonly referred to as the Harvey Girl Twins, Beverly Nystrom Ireland and Bernette Nystrom Jarvis. Beverly and… Read more »

Canstruction: Red or Green?


When we heard that Canstruction was coming to Santa Fe to benefit The Food Depot… how could we resist? We signed on as a sponsor. And what better team to build a “canstructure” than the team that brought you La Fonda’s renovations? Barbara Felix Architecture + Design, Bradbury Stamm and La Fonda! To prep for… Read more »

Santa Fe Celebrates Summer of Color

Revisit your favorite galleries during the Summer of Color, in which museums and art galleries around Santa Fe explore the color spectrum. Visually inclined visitors are in for a treat as they feast the eyes on an artistic smorgasbord. Red will be the theme at the Museum of International Folk Art’s Haute Flea party, opening… Read more »

Do You Know Olive Rush?

Recently, Barbara Felix and I had the pleasure of taking art historian Dr. Jann Haynes Gilmore on a tour of La Fonda in search of evidence of artwork by critically acclaimed modernist artist Olive Rush. Dr. Gilmore has been spending time in Santa Fe this month finishing research and edits on her upcoming book, a… Read more »