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A River Runs Through Val Kilmer’s Ranch

And it was flowing Thursday when he graciously opened his house for a luncheon fundraiser for The Wildlife Center. The Wildlife Center owns 20 acres of land south of Espanola, containing a wildlife hospital and rehabilitation center. Their mission is to conserve and restore native wildlife and their habitats through action-oriented education, promotion of public awareness, strategic partnerships and responsible wildlife rehabilitation. Their volunteers and staff brought a variety of owls to Kilmer’s Ranch to show them off to all potential donors. Attached are a few pics of a burrowing owl, a screech owl and a great horned owl. Check out the Wildlife Center’s website to learn more about what they do and to read about donor and volunteer possibilities. My check is already in the mail. And, if you have a few extra dollars lying around, Kilmer’s Pecos River Ranch is on the market for a cool 23 million, which is down from the earlier listing price of $33 million a few weeks ago.


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  1. Asenath Kepler

    It was so wonderful to see you and Rob at our event, Jenny, Buho the Burrowing Owl and his feathered friends were honored by your presence!


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