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A Milk Cow Named La Fonda

I always love hearing from our guests, and many times they tell me why they chose to stay at La Fonda on their trip to Santa Fe. Sometimes it’s because a friend recommended us. Sometimes it’s because their parents or grandparents stayed here. Sometimes it’s become a Santa Fe tradition.  But I have to say, this is the first time someone has told me they chose to stay at La Fonda because of a cow.

I received a lovely letter from Enid Weischselbaum this month. She was making her first trip to Santa Fe and wanted to let us know why she had chosen to stay here at La Fonda.  She wrote: “I chose the La Fonda because of its quality, but mostly because of its name. My good friend has a milk cow named La Fonda. She is a gentle sweet provider and I was so enchanted by her that I recreated her in an art quilt measuring about 30″ X 64″.” Enid also included a photograph of her quilt.

"LaFonda of Squash Blossom Farm" (quilt) by Enid Weichselbaum

“LaFonda of Squash Blossom Farm” (quilt) by Enid Weichselbaum

I had to know more. So, I reached out to Enid and asked her if I could share her story on my blog. She graciously agreed and gave me a few more details about our bovine namesake. La Fonda, is indeed a special cow. It remains a mystery why someone named her La Fonda… she arrived at Enid’s friend Susan’s farm already named.  But she knows her name and comes when called. She also enjoys dressing up for special farm events.

LaFonda of Squash Blossom Farm

LaFonda of Squash Blossom Farm dressed up for a special event at the farm.

I think LaFonda looks as if she would be quite at home during the Art of Fashion Runway Show at ARTFeast, don’t you?  Thank you, Enid for sharing her with us!

10 Responses to “A Milk Cow Named La Fonda”

  1. Andy Ritch

    This is as clever as it can be. Enid must be incredible.
    Had dinner last night at the Hotel. The place was full to the brim. Food as good as usual.

  2. Annette

    Great story! Good to see you today. Excellent carnitas sandwich. And, love that cole slaw.

  3. Enid Weichselbaum

    I was happy to share “my” La Fonda’s story. Thanks for including it your blog. I had a wonderful stay in Santa Fe and particularly at the hotel.
    I loved the music and tortilla soup, in which I indulged several times!


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